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Wheellock combination war hammer and muzzle-loading pistol

Wheellock combination war hammer and muzzle-loading pistol



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Previously catalogued under the 1909 Dillon sequence as XIV.?? and before that under the 1859 Hewitt (or Old War Office sequence) as XIV.10. Therefore was in the collection prior to 1859

Physical Description

Long slender haft, the upper portion inlaid with masks and flowers in stag-horn, the lower end broken away. The pistol in the upper portion has a wheellock both lock and barrel stamped with the maker's mark. To the barrel is fitted a hammer with long down curved beak, the hammer head which balanced it now missing. The pistol has a conventionally placed trigger together with an extension lower down the haft
A two pronged fork originally fitted to the end of the barrel is now missing (this is what it says in the Typed Inventory but a forked bayonet is in place on the barrel at November 2006 (and shown in photograph published in Dorling Kindersley 2006)


BarrelLength13.15 inches
BarrelLength334 mm
OverallLength1784 mm
OverallLength1942 mm


Serial Number None visible


0.35 in


Places Germany

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