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Barge fragments

Barge fragments



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On 9 June 1707 the Board of Ordnance agreed terms with the sphiwright John Loftus for the construction of a new Office barge (P.R.O. WO47/24, p.483). The vessel was to be 45ft from 'stern to sternposts', 6ft 1in wide and about 2ft 2ins deep. The carpenter William Ogborne made the cabin with its wainscotting, etc, while the carver William Wade provided carvings to embellish the vessel to the value of ú101.10s.00d (P.R.O. WO 51/78, f. 92 & WO 51/83, f. 33). The work, which included tail and waist boards bearing the arms of the Duke of Marlborough, the then Master General of the Ordnance, was carried out between 7 January anf 15 September 1708. For an artist's impression of the barge see the Royal Armouries Tower Guidebook (2000), p. 16.


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Original STAR entry says 25 pieces but there are a total of 32 (including the coat of arms, framed mirror and 2 canopy panels) and in addition XVIII.315, XVIII.316, XVIII.568, XVIII.569. (D.Beck Feb.2009)