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Sword (talwar) and scabbard

Sword (talwar) and scabbard



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Purchased from Peter Dale Ltd.

Physical Description

Curved, single edged shamshir blade. The langets are very small. The quillons are flat, with rolled rear quillon. The front quillon supports the knuckle bow, terminating in a pierced pivoted loop. The furrule and back strap extend in to the pommel. The pommel is flat with a heart-shaped screw head The grip is horn, grooved and bound with twisted silver wire. The surface of the hilt is decorated with gold koftgari with flowers and foliage on a blued ground. The scabbard is wood covered with black leather. The locket is notched for the langets, with flaring mouth and is fitted with a frog button. Both chape and locket are decorated in gold koftgari with flowers and foliage.


Dimensions: The length of the blade is 825 mm. The overall length is 965 mm. The length of scabbard is 865 mm. _ _ Weight: The weight of the sword is 0.895 kg. The weight of the sword and scabbard is 1.195 kg. _

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