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Ex Oldman Collection, acquired 1949

Physical Description

Hilt: of shakudo, partly gilt in the so called Tankinese style, comprising pommel, knuckle guard with integral arms and quillon, symmetrical oval shell guards and a wire bound wooden grip. With the exception of the grip, the elements of the hilt have a foliage decoration in relief against a gilt ground.
Blade of colichemarde form with etched decoration at the forte.


Dimensions: Overall length: 965 mm (38 in), blade length: 800 mm (31.5 in) Weight: 481 g (1 lb 1 oz)


Places Germany

Bibliographic References

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For shakudo hilts generally and the probable role of the the Dutch East India Company in their export to Europe, see J.P. Puype, 'The Visser Collection : arms of the Netherlands in the collection of H.L. Visser', 2 vols, Zwolle, 1996, I (iii), cat. no. 567 where other references and other examples in the Visser collection and elsewhere are cited. See also A.V.B. Norman (and C.M. Barne), 'The Rapier and Small-Sword, 1460-1820', London etc., 1980, pp. 347-8, also 52, 213 & 384.
Other shakudo hilts in the Royal Armouries are: IX.1383 and IX.2637 (small-swords); and IX.1353 (a hanger).