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Purchased from Arbour Antiques, Stratford on Avon, September 1982. Sold at Christies, 14th may 1975, lot 40, plate 2. Sold at Christie's 17th feb 1964, lot 118, (ill. in catalogue).

Physical Description

Hilt: silver, of conventional form, comprising pommel, knuckle guard with integral quillon, arms of the hilt and sleeve, shell guards and all-metal grip. All the elements of the hilt are profusely decorated in low relief in the rococo style with writhen flutes enclosing panels of shell work, scrolls and swags of naturalistic flowers centred on musical and classical military trophies. On the shell gaurds towards the blade are cascades of various sea shells. The whole of the hilt is in exceptionally fine condition.

Blade: hollow ground, triangular section, tapering rapidly from the hilt for some 8 inches. Etched in fine line near the hilt with panels of strapwork interlace flanking an oval containing sketchily depicted tree with a rabbit chased by a dog at its foot.


BladeLength30.5 in
BladeWidth1.25 in
OverallLength940 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

knuckle guard: on the inside face four marks are struck:1. maker's mark 'PM' in script2. lion passant3. London date letter 'i' for 1744/454. crowned leopard's head.

Bibliographic References

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The maker's mark is not in 'London Goldsmiths', Grimwade, London 1980, and has not been identified. It was presumably recorded in the now missing 1739 Small Workers book. It is first recorded on a sword hilt in 1739/40. INF. FROM SOUTHWICK 2001 A & B (identyfying the mark as that of Peter Marsh) YET TO BE EXTRACTED.
*For other hilts by the same maker and (WHEN DONE) for informatrion on Peter Marsh generally, see entry for IX.3395.
This is an example of a class of rococo hilt, gilt brass examples of which are frequently catalogued as German.