Object Title

Officer's gorget

Officer's gorget



Object Number



Transferred from Class III.1227 in June 1958. Presented to the Armouries by HQ Royal Scots Guards, 1947. From the Collection of Lord Blytheswood.

Physical Description

Crescent shaped, of silver. At the centre are engraved the British royal arms as borne by George III down to 1801, and set between the letters GR. At each side are engraved a ribbon from which is suspended a trophy of arms and a laural wreath; the wreath on one side frames the word WHITBY, and that on the other side, VOLUNTEERS. On inner side is glued a lining of chamois leather.


Weight: 2 oz.

Inscriptions and Marks

Bears London assay mark and date letter for 1794-95, and the maker's initials FT (for Francis Thinkle?).



VII.1107 is a sergeant's halberd, also marked Whitby Volunteers.