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Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - By I. Fox

Flintlock muzzle-loading carbine - By I. Fox



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Purchased from Peter Finer, 9th March 1982.

Physical Description

Banana-shaped lock with curved profile and a pronounced teat behind the cock. The plate has a grooved border. Cock is of typical early 18th century shape. The pam and cover have a decorative bevelled edge and are linked together with a steel finial covering screw. Decorative leafy finial on the back of the steel and leaf finial on mainspring sliding safety catch in the shape of leaf. I FOX is engraved under the safety catch. Walnut stock, with slender wrist and butt, which is slightly cut away where it turns into the wrist. Curved in broad ‘waves’ around lock, sideplate, tang (with scrolls, notched-v back-sight chequering), rammer pipe (scrolls, leafs, and chequering) and rammer channel. Fittings are made of brass. The front finial of the triggerguard is shaped like a cartouche, the tail finial is long and culminates in a leaf-in-vase shape with grooved border. Cast brass blank cartouche at wrist. Cast brass pierced side-plate, in shape of female monster with 3 dugs, fore and scroll tail, held by 2 screws. Plain brass buttplate with wavy tail extending along the top ridge of the butt for a few inches. The head of the butt, both plate and wood, is scuffed. Three rammer pipes of baluster shape, the entry pipe with tail. Plain wooden rammer with flat brass top. Swivels at rigger guard and rammer-pipe. Smooth-bored steel barrel. The tang and tang screw are crudely decorated. There is a notched V-backsight. The barrel is of round section and slants very broad at the chamber and narrows toward the muzzle. There is a band of rings halfway along the barrel. The muzzle has a second ring around it, not unlike a cannon or cannon pistol with a small bead foresight on top.





BarrelLength28 in.
BarrelLength712 mm
OverallLength42.71 in.
OverallLength1085 mm
OverallWeight3.17 kg
OverallWeight7 lb


Serial Number None visible


0.77 in


Places England