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purchased from Andrew Lumley, April 1974.

Physical Description

Hilt: iron, of conventional form.

Pommel: Norman type 86. At the equator is an annular band of pierced and chiselled decoration to show scrolling foliage, with a seated figure to the front and rear, and a swan with wings displayed out of a ducal crown to the inside and outside. This is flanked by an annular band of chiselled decoration to show a row of acanthus tips, towards the tang button and scrolling foliage towards the blade.

Knuckle guard: of flattened lozenge section, widening at its mid point. Against a gilt field, the knuckle guard is chiselled to show scrolling foliage with a climbing figure at its mid point on both sides. the inner and outer faces of the quillon block are decorated en-suite with the pommel, except the swan has wings addorsed and inverted. The roots of the knuckle guard, quillon and arms of the hilt issue from a dog's head. the quillon terminates in an acorn ? finial.

Shell guard: asymmetrical, with a large outer and small inner shell. Pierced and chiselled on both sides to show scrolling foliage with a swan, wings displayed, rising from a ducal crown, towards the centre, flanked by a seated classical figure. The shells have a pronounced marginal lip with chiselled ornament of scrolling foliage with a central motif of a grotesque mask. Nearest the base of the quillon block and the blade, the shells on both faces are untied by a circuit of calyx ornament resembling acanthus buds.

Blade: straight, double edged hexagonal section with a central fuller which rises from the guard and extends for 254 mm (10 inches) on both sides. There is etched decoration to show, on the inside, a helmeted mythological warrior supported on a pedestal, brandishing a sword and three panels of scrolling foliage (the centre panel very rubbed). On the outside, a classical male figure brandishing a sword, a male bust over a trophy of arms and a panel of scrolling foliage.


Dimensions: Overall length: 1137 mm (44.75 in), blade length: 978 mm (38.5 in)


Places Britain


Blade affected by rust after flooding in 18th/19th century gallery, June 1990.