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Cuirassier armour

Cuirassier armour



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Formerly in the possession of Viscount Boyne, Brancepeth Castle. Presented by Mr F.H. Cripps-Day, 1941.

Physical Description

Close burgonet, the skull made in two halves joined at the comb. Vizor in two parts pivoted at the sides and consisting of a peak and face-guard formed of vertical bars each embossed with a roped rib. The skull and chin-pieces together with the vizor are secured by hooks which engage with a protruding stud. The original lining is preserved in both skull and chin-piece. It is made of wool between two layers of canvas the outer layer covered with silk originally rose pink in colour, the whole being quilted in a diamond patter. Gorget of two plates. Short waisted shot-proof breastplate with low central ridge terminating in a blunt point. There is a proof bullet-mark in the centre. Wide tassets of eighteen lames, the four top lames being shot-proof and bearing the mark of a test bullet on each side. The lower plates of the tassets together with the poleyns can be detached at the fourteenth lame by means of a hook and staple and stud and slot. Full poleyns with spade-shaped fan-plates. Shot-proof backplate with a test mark in the centre. Culet of four lames. The tassets and culet are supported by the flanges at the base of the breast and backplates and are joined by hinges with removable pins, the tassets being fastened by a strap and buckle at the front. Arms with wide pauldrons fitting well over the cuirass front and back. Rerebraces with turning joints; couters with fan-plates and fastened by a stud. Gauntlets with pointed bell-shaped cuffs, the finger scales restored. The armour retains its original blued colour and has a dull file-finished surface. Steel-headed rivets are used and these together with all buckles, hinges and pivot hooks are gilt as are the bars of the visor. The outer edges of all the main plates are file-roped and bordered by double engraved lines. The number '1' is stamped on all the principle parts of the armour with the exception of the helmet.



ArmourHeight1450 mm
ArmourWeight39.34 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

The number '1' stamped on all the principle parts of the armour with the exception of the helmet


Places Netherlands

Bibliographic References

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