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Cuirassier armour

Cuirassier armour



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Physical Description

Comprising breastplate, close helmet, pair of pauldrons and vambraces, pair of gauntlets, pair of tassets, culet and gorget.


Dimensions: Mounted height: 1450 mm; width: 820 mm; depth: 410 mm; Helmet: height: 330mm; width: 270mm; depth: 290mm; Breastplate: height: 350 mm; width: 368 mm; depth: 170 mm; Backplate: height: 390 mm; width: 365 mm; depth: 135 mm; Gorget: height: 150mm; width: 275mm; depth: 255mm; Right pauldron and vambrace: height: 740mm; width: 280mm; Left pauldron and vambrace: height: 730mm; width: 270mm; Right tasset: height: 745mm; width: 330mm; depth: 150mm; Left tasset: height: 755mm; width: 330mm; depth: 130mm; Rump: height: 175mm; width: 475mm; depth: 220mm; Right gauntlet: length: 310mm; width: 145mm; depth: 165mm; Left gauntlet: length: 340mm; width: 142mm; depth: 162mm; Weight: Overall Weight: 35710g; Helmet weight: 3500g; Breastplate weight: 5600g; Backplate weight: 6850g; Gorget weight: 1300g; Right pauldron and vambrace weight: 4100g; Left pauldron and vambrace weight: 3900g; Right tasset weight: 5250g; Left tasset weight: 5750g; Rump weight: 1800g; Right gauntlet weight: 700g; Left gauntlet weight: 650g.


Places Netherlands

Bibliographic References

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