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about 1615

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From the Spiller collection, 1961.

Physical Description

The skullpiece is made in two halves and has a pointed peak and a low comb which rises to a truncated point originally carrying a finial, now missing. The skull is deeply fluted, the flutes radiating from the apex. The base of the skull is flanged outwards to form a gorget plate and there is a large pierced plume holder. Hinged cheekpieces meeting at the chin, the lower borders flanged outwards to form gorget plates which carry a hook and staple fastening. There is a stout sliding nasal-guard with fleur-de-lys shaped finial. The plates are bordered with brass rivets some of which secure the lining straps, the others being purely decorative. The left cheekpiece is a restoration.



HelmetDepth335 mm
HelmetHeight310 mm
HelmetWeight2930 g
HelmetWidth225 mm


Places France

Bibliographic References

A.R. Dufty and W. Reid, European Armour in the Tower of London, 1968, plate CVII.


Of characteristic French form, a very similar helmet, but without a nasal, belonging to a child's armour, (possibly the future Louis XIV) is in the Musee de l'Armee Paris (Inv.H 280 - G 347).