Object Title

Percussion military pistol - Pattern 1839 Sea Service

Percussion military pistol - Pattern 1839 Sea Service



Object Number



Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Lock 4in, flat, stepped at rear stamped ENFIELD, with safety bolt 3/8in step at front to top of stock and 3/16in to bolster, marked with a crown/WR, crown/arrow below bolster, hammer plain, spur cross hatched, fixed with a round headed steel screw.
Stock complete/bruised, brass pattern furniture, brass ramrod pipe 5/16in, brass plate on front of stock, fixed by two steel screws, brass trigger guard,(bead at front)pin fixed at front with one steel screw at rear, brass butt cap with 1 1/4in tail up back of stock, lanyard suspension missing, single fixing screw for lock plate, in brass cup,
Barrel 6in with captive ramrod (stamped with \1111 & x/111) barrel with pin fixing and single screw in tang, Proof marks and acceptance marks rear left and rear top of barrel.


BarrelLength152 mm
OverallLength286 mm


Serial Number None visible


.57 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Broad arrow/BO on stock (right side), on barrel crown/GP crown/M crown/crossed sceptors crown.