Object Title

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern



Object Number



Old tower stores


BarrelLength12 in


Serial Number None visible


.56 in


Places Britain


This pistol and 81 others like it were displayed in a spiral arrangement around a reproduction Corinthian column (formed around one of the White Tower's wooden pillars) towards the southern end of Ground Floor West. They were installed in March 1998 and removed in January 2009. Their metal number discs were removed prior to installation, but the location of each pistol in the spiral was recorded for future reference. Unfortunately, during a cleaning/conservation programme carried out by Plowden and Smith around 2003-04(?), all the pistols were removed and then replaced without reference to the location record for the spiral display. This meant that on deinstallation in 2009 only two pistols from this spiral (XII.7511 and XII.7512) could be certainly identified from their marks. To identify which was which of the remainder would be a difficult exercize in some cases, requiring close scrutiny of marks, measurements, and descriptions, and impossible in other cases, since many of these pistols have only a very basic inventory entry. Pending some future resolution of this issue (perhaps complete renumbering), in the meantime the STAR location record will show that all 80 unidentified pistols, with a Previous Location of White Tower GFW South Column, are located in the Middle Flint Tower on shelves 13-14 B&C.