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Sword - Hand-and-a-Half sword

Sword - Hand-and-a-Half sword


Mid-14th Century

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The sword was found in Lake Constance.

Physical Description

Hilt consisting of a wheel pommel with a projecting circular boss on each face, straight quillons of hexagonal section, slightly tapering and with a sharply downturned tip. The grip is a restoration and is of wood bound with cord. The tang button is in the form of a truncated pyramid. Blade is straight, flattened diamond section, double edged tapering to an acute point.
The whole of the sword is corroded and has a hard, black patination.



OverallLength1124 mm
OverallWeight1775 g
BladeLength874 mm

Inscriptions and Marks



Bibliographic References

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The Sword in the Age of Chivalry


Swords of this type are quite common. Of a sword found in Northern France and in the collection of Sir James Mann; another with an Arabic inscription in the Kienbusch Collection (Cat No 326); one in the Musee L'Armee, Paris (J. 10). Oakeshott, who classified this sword as type XVa, gives other examples of the type.