Object Title

Dagger and sheath - Quillon Dagger

Dagger and sheath - Quillon Dagger



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From the Collection of W. R. Hearst

Physical Description

Octagonal, fluted grip of wood, which flares out into a bulbous pommel. Pommel cap is missing and the end of the tang is visible. A ferrule sits at the bottom of the grip, next to the quillons with a simple etched band and repetetive three line design.
The quillons are spatulate and terminate in a small finial. There is a simple arrangement of 5 spots on the quillons, similar to a dice, along with a floral design, which is echoed on the quillon block.
The blade is straight and single edged for the most part, with a reenforced, double edged point for thrusting. The back of the blade is saw-backed. There is a short ricasso with an etched bust and crown on each face. On each side of the ricasso is the inscription 'FEARE GOD' and 'HONOUR Y KING'. The blade itself is heavily etched with more floral designs. A panel on one face bears the inscription 'OMNIA VINCIT AMOR' (Truth Conquers All). The blade is dated on both faces 1628 and features a stylised heraldic helm just above the date.
The bodkin is all of ferrous metal and straight, coming to a shard point. There is a slot towards the point. The grip of the bodkin is simply decorated with floral and geometric designs and topped by a small finial.
The tooled leather sheath features a simple linear design made up of dots, dashes and lines. There is an additional slot on the front of the sheath to hold the bodkin and possibly two more by-knives (missing). On the rear are two holes for a belt chord to pass through.


Engraving, Etching



Overall BodkinLength146 mm
Overall BladeLength211 mm
Overall SheathLength216 mm
Overall DaggerLength311 mm
OverallLength317 mm
OverallWeight154 g
DaggerWeight110 g
SheathWeight22 g
bodkinWeight22 g

Inscriptions and Marks

'Feare God' 'Honor Y King'
either side of the ricasso
'Omnia Vincit Amor'
Face of the blade, in a panel
blade, both faces