Object Title

Harquebusier's backplate

Harquebusier's backplate



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Tower arsenal. Returned from loan 105 to Belfast, 12/9/91.

Physical Description

With a raised neck-opening and a narrow flange at the waist. The edges at the neck-opening, arm-openings and waist-flange have plain inward turns. Those at the neck and arm-openings are bordered by single incised line decoration. At either shoulder are two rivets which secure fragments of the shoulder strap, over which is also secured a rectangular scale, its rear edge cusped. That on the left has broken off on the inner side, leaving only the lower half of the rivet. The neck-opening at the shoulder is pierced at each side with a crude wiring hole.
At either side of the waist are two horizontally-aligned rivets which retain fragments of the leather waist strap. The waist edges are slightly damaged in places. At each arm-opening the inward turn has broken out to the edge in places.

It is externally bright but patinated.


Dimensions: height 369 mm, width 330 mm, depth 137 mm Weight: 1.74 kg

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the neck: RB for the maker Rafe Boulter, crowned A, Cross of St. George, and 71. Painted on the inside in white paint: 9.


Places England


Will 1655 Aylett 160 (P.C.C.): Citizen and Armourer of London. St. Andrew's, Holborn.
Guildhall Ms 12072 f.7r. in section 3
f.9v. 30 Oct 1648.
Allowed mark of RB. Ms 6673/4 and Cal cant Perog Wills: buried 15th Dec. 1655.
Also used the mark: BK
WO.36/37 R.T. Pritchett Ordnance Papers, Charles 1st, 1646-1647: 10th Feb. 1654, Contract for part of 3000 'harquebuzer armours consisting of Backes Breasts and Potts all to bee Tower proofe' at 16s. with 6 others.