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Powder horn

Powder horn



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Physical Description

The outer white layer of horn has been removed to reveal darker inner material, towards the muzzle. The rest of the length of the horn has been carved to create a cameo effect with the brown material forming a dark background to the panels which depict figures and bear inscriptions in the light, outer horn. The major panel depicts Adam and Eve either side of the Tree of Knowledge with the Serpent, offering the apple to Eve, entwined in its branches. Both Adam and Eve are depicted as covering their pudenda with a leafy frond. Other panels depict various male and female riders, some armed with swords. The largest panels at the base bear depictions including that of a King armed with a sword.
The inscriptions include the following:
'HABRAR OLAF STRANGSNON'/ 'TALAGMASSONEGENHAI'. Names in other smaller panels include:'ADAM ENM' / 'EVA ENKVIN' / 'F(?)ERA KVND CG'. Most of the 'N's are reversed. 'KLARIS' / 'BURMAI' / 'DAVE' /'GARSIA'. These obviously refer to Adam and Eve, and Charlemagne and David


Dimensions: Overall length: 213 mm (8.4 in) Weight: 2.5 oz


Places Norway


For further details on the inscription refer to 'Antiquarian Repertory', Vol. IV.