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This is presumably the 'very rare helmet with vizor of the period Richard Ist' purchased by the Armouries in October 1851, together with another. See PRO W.O.44/305 (Xerox copy in archives)

Physical Description

Of iron,consisting of a slightly conical top riveted to a large curved plate covering the back of the head and neck. In the front a smaller plate covers the upper part, Leaving a large rectangular face opening. This is protected by a vizor, hinged at the left side, and pierced with horivontal slits and breath holes. The whole is corroded and damaged and the interior surfaces have been artificially blackened. The helm is rather too large for wear.


Places England

Bibliographic References

J.Hewitt, Archaeological Journal, 1851, Vol.VIII, p.420. Planche, Encyclopaedia of Costume, P.1.XI. Grimshaw, Scrapbook, Armouries Library, Illustrated on a loose leaf.


Hewitt suggest in the Archaeological Journal that its damaged condition is the result of it being used on top of a Maypole in rural merry-makings.