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Body shield - Dayfield Body Shield

Body shield - Dayfield Body Shield



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Purchased from Kent Sales, 23 June 1987.

Physical Description

Khaki drill covering with four steel plates sewn inside.


Places Britain


These small breast defences were produced for private sale by The Whitfield Manufacturing Company of London, at 21/- for the single model and 52/6 for the double. Sewn inside their khaki drill covering were four steel panels joined by flexible strips, and they were sold as 'absolutely bayonet proof'. They were invented by Francis Dayton and E.A. Whitfield, application for patent first submitted on 6 April 1915, granted 17 April 1916, for a 'shield that shall be efficient and light and capable of being comfortably worn by a soldier or other person for the protection of his body against attack by rifle fire, bayonet, lance or sword'. The double version inluded flexible armoured shoulder straps joining the front and rear panels.