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Purchased at Christie, Manson and Woods on 25th April 1961 (lot. 143), along with IX.1081, 1081, 1084 and 1085. Inventory records that the 'details in letter of 26 April 1961 to J.G.M from W.B.'.

Physical Description

Straight tapering two-edged blade with a deep, wide fuller on each face running from the hilt to a flattened diamond section which begins about 12 inches from the acute point. Straight, square-section quillons expanding towards their ends. A very subtle recurve is suggested by a slight hollow on the upper face of one quillon and the lower face of the other. Tapering tang, flat disc pommel with no tang button. The sword has been severely corroded and the quillons, tang and pommel now have a black patination.


BladeLength33.7 in
OverallLength40 in


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

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