Object Title

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern

Flintlock military pistol - Sea Service Pattern



Object Number



Old Tower stock

Physical Description

Fitted with ring-necked cock. Full stocked. Brass furniture. Wooden ramrod


Dimensions: Overall length: 489 mm (19.25 in), Length of barrel: 309 mm (12.2 in); width: c.170 mm; depth: c.80 mm


Serial Number nvn


.56 in

Inscriptions and Marks

Barrel stamped on left of breech with crowned GR over Broad Arrow and crown over crossed sceptres. Stamped on right by pan: crown over 12 (very worn) and, to the side, 22. On tang: crown. Lockplate engraved with royal cypher and TOWER, and stamped with crown over Broad Arrow. Belt hook stamped: crown over 6. Sideplate flat stamped with Broad Arrow within double ring, very worn, only semi-circle obvious; FC; I. Butt stamped on right with Ordnance storekeeper's mark of crown over Broad Arrow over 1(???). Underside of butt to right of guard stamped twice with crown over 2 (very worn).Ramrod groove: front section (front to rear) stamped: 3 crowns but numbers below illegible; rear section inscribed: 48 \\\\I/


Places Britain