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Pyrites muzzle-loading lock gun - By Rafaello Verdiani

Pyrites muzzle-loading lock gun - By Rafaello Verdiani


dated 1619

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Formerly in the museum of artillery collection, the Rotunda. 1874 cat No.841. 1856 cat No.V/12. Transferred via the Cottesloe committee, 1927

Physical Description

The breech is engraved with foliage and inset with two copper disks probably intended to receive the maker’s mark. Lock of wheel-lock form but with the wheel replaced by an arc-shaped steel having a cocking-spur with scrolled end. This is connected to a tumbler, the mechanism being of snaphaune or early flint-lock type. There is a sliding pan-cover and the pyrites holder or dog-head operates like that of a wheel-lock although the jaws are shaped like those of the cock of a flint-lock. The name of the maker is engraved on the inner side of the lockplate, RAF. VERD.F. 1619. (Rafaello Verdiani Fecit 1619). Steel mounted stock with shoulder butt.


Engraved, Handmade



BarrelLength38.5 in
BarrelLength978 mm
OverallLength54.8 in
OverallLength1385 mm
OverallWeight4.8 kg
OverallWeight10.11 lb


Serial Number None visible


.650 in (17 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

RAF. VERD.F. 1619
Innerside of lockplate



This very rare form of lock is illustrated in the manuscript work Arte Fabrille by Antonio Petrini. C.f. no.I.10
Stamp on front of butt (right side) MA 841

Transferred from the Rotunda Museum 1927-8
Exhibited Royal Naval Exhibition, Chelsea 1891. Cat. No. 4835
Illustrated Gaibi, Armi di Fuoco Italiane, 1978, No. 147