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Purchased at Christie, Manson and Woods on 25 April 1961 (lot 145) with IX.1081, IX.1083, IX.1084 and IX.1085. Previously in the Dacre Kendrick Edwards Collection

Physical Description

Straight, two-edged blade with a broad fuller on each face running from the hilt almost to the point. The blade has been broken in three places and repaired by welding.
Short, slender quillons of round section; wide tang tapers to a small, rounded pommel of irregular form but reminiscent of a shortened 'brazil nut' pommel. The entire sword is corroded to a hard black patina.


Dimensions: Overall length: 965 mm (38in.), Length of blade: 805 mm (31.7in.) Weight: 2 lb 13 oz

Inscriptions and Marks

Inlaid in tin on one side of the blade are five circles connected by a cable of lozenges, on the reverse, two pairs of shears connected by a similar cable pattern.


Places Europe

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Compared by Oakeshott (1964) to a sword in the Cambridge Museum of Ethnology & Archaeology, no.76.22.731.
See also Landesmuseum, Zurich, Catalogue (1928), Pl. 1 no. 6, for similar sword {CHECK ref)