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Purchased at Christie, Manson and Woods, 25 April 1961, lot 141 ?. Ex Dacre Kendrick Edwards Collection

Physical Description

Straight two-edged blade with a broad fuller on each face running from the hilt almost to the point. Stout, long, straight quillons of square section; the tang tapers towards the heavy beehive-shaped pommel. The sword is heavily corroded and is obviously an excavated piece.


Dimensions: Overall length: 965 mm (38 in), length of blade: 805 mm (31.7 in) Weight: 1275 gm (2 lb 13 oz)


Places Europe

Bibliographic References

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A very similar sword in the Bernishchen Historiscen Museum was found during local excavtions, prompting the suggestion that this weapon might be Swiss.
A note in the typed inventory says that further details of the acquisition (and provenance?) are contained in a letter of 26 April 1961 from J G M[ann] W R[eid]. (I could find no inventory file for this object at 14/11/01; PJL).