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Wheellock holster pistol

Wheellock holster pistol



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From the Norton Hall Collection . Presented by the National Art-Collections Fund, 1942 Formally in the collection of Beriah Botfield (1807 - 1863) at Norton Hall, Northamptonshire. The Norton Hall collection number was 155 and it was described as a 'gun'. This collection would appear to have been formed in the 1840's. Norton Hall was acquired by Beriah Botfield's grandfather (who died in 1801), Thomas Botfield, who acquired it from the descendants of Nicholas Breton. Beriah Botfield restored Norton Hall to its former glories. The collection was finally purchased for the nation from Lady Beatrice Thynne on the occasion of her death. The purchase was negotiated with Lady Weymouth who was acting as attorney for Lord Weymouth (who was away on active service), who was tenant-for-life of the property (the collection had been settled on Lord Weymouth for life).

Physical Description

A slim barrel that is octagonal at the breech and decorated with narrow longituninal flutes. There is a raised lip at the rae of the breech which has a sighting notch in it. The lock has a curved lower edge that follows the shape of the wheel. The wheel itself is externally mounted with a ring-shaped bearing plat, and it is stamped with two marks. A pivoting safety catch is fitted. The stock has a lemon-shaped butt that is facetted and the underside, which follows the shape og the lockplate has a rounded, keel-shaped projection. The trigger guard is steel.


Dimensions: Overall: 775mm Barrel:558mm Width: 60mm Height: 100mm Weight: 3 lb 14 oz


Serial Number none visible


.395 in (75 bore)

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