Object Title

40/60 mm anti-aircraft gun - 40/60 mm Bofors

40/60 mm anti-aircraft gun - 40/60 mm Bofors



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Purchased by auction from Ruthin for 1100 pounds on 20/7/93. Lot 1477. Originally owned by the Portuguese army.

Physical Description

The earlier version of the Bofors gun with a single barrel.


Dimensions: Length: 6.3 m, Width: 1.72 m Weight: 2150kg


Serial Number 21 (?)



Inscriptions and Marks

MATERIAL A.A. 4 III/40 No.21 on plaque which also has military flag of Portugal. Military flag of Portugal on barrel


Places Sweden


This design introduced by the Swedish Company of AG Bofors was the answer to one of the problems encountered during the early part of the Second World War, namely that one gun was not suitable for different types of target. The Bofors could engage a fast fighter-bomber using its high rate of fire. It did not necessarily need the hitting power possessed by heavier calibres that was required to engage a high altitude bomber. The Bofors was adopted by the British in 1937 and later constructed under licence in Britain and Canada. Huge numbers of these guns were supplied to many countries both before and after the war and it is still in use today. This version is known as the 40/60 because its barrel length is sixty times the diameter of the calibre. This particular weapon was in Portuguese service before being brought to Britain.