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122 mm infantry support gun - M1938 Field Gun

122 mm infantry support gun - M1938 Field Gun



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Auctioned at Ruthin on 20/7/93. Lot 1472


Dimensions: Length: 5.9 m, Width: 1.975 m Weight: 2450kg


122 mm


Places Russia


The M1938 122mm field gun was the successor to the horse drawn guns of the revolutionary armies which were standard in Soviet formations in the 1920's. It was introduced when ideas of mechanisation were coming to the fore in Europe. The advantages of using a internal combustion engine as a prime mover meant that the wheels and carriages on new guns had to be able to stand up to greater stresses and strains. This example came from Czecoslovakia and has altered wheels to give greater stability. The M1938 gun was the backbone of divisional and corps level artillery units which the Soviets favoured in WW2. It is still in service in some countries. This weapon was possibly manufactured in artillery plant no.9, Sverdilovsk, USSR