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Pikeman's breastplate

Pikeman's breastplate



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From the Armoury at Littlecote House. Purchased 15/11/1985.

Physical Description

It has a medial ridge terminating in a point at the waist, which dips down at the centre and has a broad flange. The neck, arm and flange side edges and upper edge of the flange are bordered by single incised lines. The flange side edges have sunken borders, and at the centre of the flange is a vertical sunken band, with a medial ridge at the centre continuing the line of the keel. At either side of the chest is a pierced stud and swivel-hook.

The right swivel-hook is broken. There are two small holes pierced at either shoulder, and one at either armpit.


Dimensions: height 47.2 cm ( 18.6 in ), width 34.5 cm ( 13.6 in ), flange width 43.0 cm ( 17.0 in ) Weight: 2.5 kg ( 5 lb 7 oz )

Inscriptions and Marks

at the neck is stamped a crowned 'A' for the Armourers' Company of London.

Bibliographic References

Sotheby's, 'The Contents of Littlecote House', vol.II, 22 November 1985, lot 250.