Object Title

Matchlock muzzle-loading harquebus - By Valentin Klett

Matchlock muzzle-loading harquebus - By Valentin Klett



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Barrel octagonal from the breech to nearly mid-length then round. There is a moulding at the muzzle carrying the foresight,the backsight being of open tangent form. Pan-cover and flashguard missing. Lock with bent arm to scear and normal pivoted trigger operation.
The broad lockplate is engraved in the centre with two concentric circles set with dots apparently to endicate a non-existant wheel. Dragon-headed match-holder.
Stock with shoulder-butt of 'fishtail' form the fore-end reaching to the muzzle. Long steel trigger-guard without indentations. A recoil block with serrated rear edge is fitted to the underside of the fore-end


Dimensions: Overall length: 1708 mm; barrel length: 1288 mm (51 in.) Weight: 19 lb 12 oz


Serial Number None visible


.80 in (10 bore)

Inscriptions and Marks

The mark of the maker' Valentin Klett' is stamped at the breech and a barrel forger's on the underside. The lockplate is stamped with a maker's mark and a Suhl control mark. H S over a fleur de lys