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Spanish morion

Spanish morion



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Transferred from Farleigh Hungerford Castle 1979. Formerly loan 22, taken into guardianship with the Castle.

Physical Description

One piece skull of almond shape with short stalk drawn out of it's apex. At the base of the skull is a narrow brim turned down at the sides and projecting in a triangular point to front and rear. This has a plain inward turn flanked by a slender furrow punctuated by a series of small steel lining rivets.
An ince above the brim on the skull is a series of lining rivets, running parallel to the edge of the skull: five at right and six at left, and two of these retain fragments of their original brass rosette-shaped rivets as well as, on the inner surface, pieces of the canvas lining. The cheek pieces are missing.
The apex of the skull and the front left side of the brim have been crudely repaired with fresh metal fitted onto morion with modern steel rivets.


Dimensions: Width of helmet x length. 22.5 (8 3/4 in.) x 29 cm (11 3/8 in) Weight: 3 lb 4 oz


Places Italy