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Presumed Tower arsenal. First registered on return from long term loan to the Memorable Order of Tin Hats (War Veterans of South Africa, Durban (Loan L282)), in or before Dec. 1998.

Physical Description

Standard description. Tapering spear blade with deep up-curving wings at the base, the wings cusped above and with two small lobes on each side at the base. A shallow medial rib runs the length of the blade. Towards the top of the socket is a flat octagonal knop, ribbed and pierced; into this is threaded the screw at the base of the blade engages with the top of the socket. Two langets extend down the ash haft. The butt has a which has a tapering conical shoe with three collars and a square-sectioned, tapering terminal; there are two short langets.
Variations, losses, damage etc: Royal arms as used 1714-1801; the engraved decoration of the head is very worn but traces of gilding remain; G of GR completely erased on both sides and R partly so; extensive remains of gilding and lacquer on socket and knop; tassel in very fragile state.


Dimensions: Overall length: approx. 2730 mm (107 1/2 in), head, blade tip to base of socket: 696 mm (27 3/8 in), head, blade tip to top of screw thread: 544 mm (21 3/8 in), head, blade tip to base of lugs: 505 mm (19 7/8 in), head, langets, length: approx. 375 (14 3/4 in), butt, length, without langets: 131 mm (5 3/16 in), butt, langets, length: 59 mm (2 15/16 in)

Inscriptions and Marks

On knop at base of blade (top of screw thread), one side only, engraved: 62.On top of socket, on collar, engraved: 62.On langets, at end, engraved: 63 (both sides, one side larger than other).


Places Britain


The erasing of G of GR may have been done with the intention of substituting a W (for WR) or V (for VR).