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Matchlock muzzle-loading military musket - By I. Bicken

Matchlock muzzle-loading military musket - By I. Bicken



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Old Tower Collection

Physical Description

Barrel octagonal at the breech altering to round section and flaring slightly at the muzzle. There is a foresight but no backsight
Lock with convex lockplate resembling a flintlock in outline. The pan is mounted on the lockplate and is fitted with a flashguad and a large pivoted pan-cover. The mechanism is operated by a normal pivoted trigger the scear spring being fitted above the scear
Stock with French type shoulder-butt with steel mounts. The butt plate having a slender finial. There are three lock screws, the screwplate being scroll-shaped. There is no escutcheon plate and the ramrod is probably a restoration


Dimensions: Overall length: 61.5 in (1562 mm), Barrel length: 46.25 in (1174 mm)


Serial Number None visible


Places England


In the 1909 typescript inventory this musket is said to be complete with plug bayonet blade 12 in, hilt 6 in, blade 1 3/8 in 49 broad single edged foxmarked.
I. Biken 1680-1690.
Made flintlock muskets with the royal cipher. Shop located in London.