Object Title

Pikeman's pot

Pikeman's pot



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Lanthorn Tower G2, 1988.

Physical Description

With a wide brim. It is made in two pieces, joined in a low comb turned to the left, and by rivets at the brim. Thw main edges have plain, inward turns ovet wire, with sunken borders at the brim containing twenty-five rivet holes, in which two survive. Thw lower edge of the skull is bordered by an embossed, rounded ridge, with rows of fifteen decorative rivets above and below either side. Above these, and bordering the comb, are single incised lines. At the right rear of the skull is a single rivet hole, perhaps for a plume tube. Three of the lower band of rivets at the right and two at the left have large, round heads with irregular rectangular internal washers, retaining fragments of the cheek-piece leathers.

The brim is damaged at the front.


Dimensions: Height: 22.3 cm ( 3.5 in ?), Width: 25.6 cm ( 10.1 in), Depth 41.0 cm ( 16.1 in) Weight: 1.09 kg ( 2 lb 6.5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the rear left of the brim crowned IR.


Places England


Part of the composite pikeman's armour on TL 1988/14 to the Passmore Edwards Museum, with III.2213, III.2165 and III.2208