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Of steel with wooden cheek-stock. Construction and action similar to XI.16 (q.v.). The bow retains its cord; the foresight pillars are missing. The bending lever terminal is formed as a scallop-shell, the action button as a rosette, the backsight as a mermaid with raised arms and tail, pierced with five sight holes. The fore-end of the stock bar is stamped with a mark repeated on the lever which is badly stamped MORITZ - SAM and lightly engraved, Heinrich Ma(bat?).
Short wooden check-stock inlaid with three plaques of mother-of-pearl and one of bone.


OverallLength692 mm


Places Germany


Two similar crossbows by Moritz Sam are in the Metropolitan Museum New York and the Hermitage, Leningrad. Two similar crossbows with the same marks as these are in Schloss Meersburg and Hohensalzburg, Salzburg. Another crossbow of similar type but more decorative, and with a bolt box (?) attached to the box-lock, is in the Royal Scottish Museum (1874.19.14). Another is in the Tojhusmuseet, Copenhagen.