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Model armour

Model armour


about 1972

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Acquired in 1972. One of a series of models commissioned from Peter Wroe

Physical Description

1/3 scale model in aluminium sheet of the gilt bronze effigy of Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick (1381-1435) in St Mary's Church, Warwick, made by William Austin of London in 1453. It also has a swan's-head crest and coronet, sword, rondel dagger and spurs, and has five alternative helmets, a great bacinet(A), an Italian-style sallet and bevor(B), an English-style sallet and bevor(C) ,a kettle hat and bevor (D) and a barbute (E).


Helmets and crestDepth110 mm
Helmets and crestHeight135 mm
Helmets and crestWidth140 mm
OverallDepth245 mm
OverallHeight630 mm
OverallWidth245 mm

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Places Britain