Object Title

Harquebusier's breastplate

Harquebusier's breastplate



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Tower arsenal.

Physical Description

The breastplate has a raised neck, a medial keel terminating in a point at the waist, and a narrow flange. The arm and neck edges have plain inward turns. At either side of the chest is a mushroom-headed stud for fastening the shoulder straps. It is of duplex construction. The inner plate has two filled rivet holes at the upper left, and X-rays reveal a band of incised lines running down the centre. At the centre of the chest is a proof mark. Painted black, with N/B-G in huge letters in white over the top. The microhardness of the inner plate is mean 247 Hv, outer plate 326 Hv.


Dimensions: height 410 mm, width 352 mm Weight: 4157 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped N at the neck of the inner breastplate, visible only by X-ray.


Places England