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Transferred from the Rotunda Museum of Artillery, Woolwich, 1978.

Physical Description

The breastplate has a raised neck, a medial ridge terminating in a point at the waist and a narrow flange. The arm and neck edges have plain inward turns, bordered by a single incised line. The medial keel is bordered by parallel incised lines. The edges are bordered by holes possibly for sewing in a lining, and there are two pairs of these holes on the medial ridge. At either side of the chest is a stud for fastening the shoulder straps. A flat iron belt-hook has been riveted at each side. A proof test at the left side. Painted black. It is of triplex construction, the edges folded over. X-rays reveal part of an English pikeman's tasset, with all its decorative rivets removed, sandwiched between the layers of the breastplate. The inner breastplate is bordered by further rivet holes which do not match those of the outer breastplate, and has evidence of a single incised line border. Mean microhardness outer 235 Hv.



Dimensions: height 410 mm, width 321 mm Weight: 4285 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped at the left shoulder MA 2230, painted 16/135 (incorrectly)


Places England

Bibliographic References

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