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Windlass with XI.100. Powerful steel bow stamped twice with a mark and fastened to the front of the tiller by bow irons and wedges. The stirrup is broken. Quarrel groove of bone or ivory, horn nut, with steel inset, the nut socket lined with bone. Small side plate. Scrolling palm rest. Double set-trigger mechanism with steel trigger guard. At the uppper rear of the tiller is an applied check-and-thums-rest, before it a white metal plate inscribed H T. At the extreme rear of the tiller is a protective plate of horn.
The windlass socket is leather lined and carries two pulley wheel and the axle for the curved wooden-handled levers. There are two pairs of wheels in tandem at the hooks.


Dimensions: Crossbow length overall: 39 in (99 cm.), Span: 28 in. (71.1 cm.), Weight: 14 lb. 7 oz., Windlass: 4 lb. 8 oz.


Places Europe