Object Title

Elbow gauntlet

Elbow gauntlet



Object Number

II.207 D


Old Tower stock.

Physical Description

Comprising a long cuff made in one piece closed at the rear by an outward overlapping joint secured by 5 externally flush rivets. The upper rear edge curves up to the point of the elbow; the upper front edge is slightly flanged. The upper edge has a plain inward turn bordered by single incised line decoration within which are 15 domed brass lining rivets, 2 of which are fitted with later circular washers. A crude wiring hole has been punched each side of the upper front edge.
The rear of the lower edge, which has a cutout for the passage of the hand, has a plain outward turn accompanied by single incised line decoration, within which are 3 domed brass lining rivets. Close to the join is a flattened rivet securing a fragment of leather on the outside with an external rectangular washer.
Attached at either side of the lower front edge of the cuff is the first of 5 metacarpel lames, the fifth terminating in a knuckle plate, each of which is cusped to accomodate a brass rivet at either side with internal square washer. Each plate overlaps outwards from the knuckle plate and is drawn up slightly obliquely at the centre of the edge; and all subsidiary edges are bordered by single incised line decoration. The knuckle plate is embossed for the base of the fingers, each with a brass domed rivet fitted with an internal square washer.
It is bright externally and internally is rough from the hammer. The upper edge has broken out.


Dimensions: Max. length: 444 mm (17.5 in), Max. diameter: 175 mm (6.85 in) Weight: .905 kg (2 lb)

Inscriptions and Marks

Internally the third metacarpel plate has a V notch and inscribed: III(?). The knuckle plate is inscribed: IIII


Places England