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Spanish morion

Spanish morion



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Transferred from Farleigh-Hungerford Castle collection.

Physical Description

Two-piece skull of almond shape with two sides riveted over medial ridge. At the base of the skull is a narrow brim formed in one with the two sections of the skull and riveted over a medial joint at front and rear. The brim is turned down at the sides and drawn out to a slight V-shaped point at the front and rear. A series of brass rivets with round heads, eight retaining rosette-shaped external washers, flank outer edges of brim which are finished with plain inward turns.

Half an inch upward from the brim, the base of the skull is pierced for a series of twelve brass round-headed rivets, two of which retain decorative rosette shaped washers.

The plume holder is missing.

The helmet is painted black. It has suffered severe oxidation. A large fractured area over one side of the skull has been repaired by riveting a plate to the inside of the skull.


Dimensions: length of base 22.0 cm, width of base 19.5 cm Weight: 1 lb 12 oz

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Places Italy