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Great bacinet

Great bacinet



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Purchased from Samuel Pratt in 1858

Physical Description

Described in the following fashion in 'Archaeological Journal',1852, IX, p.93-5; The helmet is made entirely of iron, in five pieces, of which five are firmly locked together by rivets; the fifth, the visor, being movable on pivots at the sides. The five parts are,the bacinet, the visor, a piece covering the cheeks and chin, the gorget, and a plate at the back of the neck. A curious contrivance appears in front of the bacinet, not hitherto noticed either in real or fictitious examples - a bolt, which being forced by a spring through an aperture in the metal keeps down the visor.


Places England

Bibliographic References

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Hewitt suggests that this belonged to Sir Richard de Abberbury [of the time of Richard II] of Donnington Castle, Berkshire.