Object Title

Sword, scabbard and sword-knot

Sword, scabbard and sword-knot



Object Number

IX.5411 A-C


Purchased 24 May 1996. Found abandoned at German airfield, near Lubeck, during the close of World War II, by a Mr Morrell who was then serving with an infantry battalion which was advancing through Germany. Given by Mr Morrell to the vendor in 1958.

Physical Description

Gold coloured anodised alloy hilt. Rounded pommel extended to form backstrap which carries two ears partly embracing the grip, the whole decorated with oak leaf motif except a plain portion extending for 20-30 mm at the lower end. The stirrup-form knuckle guard is continuous with the rear quillon which carries two langets and terminates in a down-turned scroll finial. The outer face of the knuckle guard is similarly decorated with oak leaf motif. The outer langet carries the eagle and swastika emblem and the inner langet has a plain octagonal cartouche with oak leaf border. The grip, shaped to the hand, appears to be of a black synthetic material and is bound with three twisted silver coloured wires of two strands each, the centre on of broader gauge. The lower ends of backstrap and grip are fitted into a ferrule, also decorated with oak leaves. Curved single edged blade, apparently nickel plated, with single fuller each side running approximately two thirds of the length.
The steel scabbard has a single suspension ring and a fixed loop for a frog strap. It is painted black overall with gold painted highlights on throat, suspension ring and shoe. The paintwork appears to be recent.
A green cord with tassels at either end was acquired with the object. This appears most unlikely to be original and may eventually be disposed of.
Condition on acquisition: Quite good; some very fine rust pitting to blade; scabbard probably painted (see above).


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 993 mm (39.1 in), blade length: 866 mm (34.1 in), blade width: 20 mm (0.8 in) Weight: Sword (without associated cord): 425 gm (14.75 oz), Scabbard: 445 gm (15.75 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the outside of the blade under the langet (stamped): 'No3'.On outside of blade, under the langet (stamped): a leopard's head within a diamond shaped cartouche - the mark is that of Puma-werk (Lauterjung & Sohn of Solingen).



For this type of sword, see (Major) J.P. Atwood, 'The Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany' (privately publ., Berlin, Germany, 1965), chapter 25, esp. p. 184 (ill.), also p. 217, M 7/27 (ill. of mark).