Object Title

Sword and Scabbard

Sword and Scabbard



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Purchased from Kent Arms Sale 27 November 1984. Previously sold at Wallis & Wallis Special Spring Sale, 25 May 1983, lot 54 (repr. in cat).

Physical Description

Silver hilt, incomplete


Dimensions: Overall length of sword: 978 mm (38.5 in.), Length of blade: 812 mm (32 in.), Length of scabbard: 375 mm (14.75 in.) Weight: Sword: 750 g (9 oz), Scabbard: 6 g (2 oz)


Places England

Bibliographic References

L Southwick, London silver-hilted swords, their makers, suppliers and allied traders, with directory, Leeds, Royal Armouries, 2001[a]: 286, pl. 56 (hilt and base of blade only).

L Southwick, 'Some silver-hilted swords by London makers in the Royal Armouries', Royal Armouries Yearbook, 6, 2001[b], pp. 32-54, at p. p. 47, fig. 23. INF. TO BE CHECKED AGAINST IBE.


For information on William Kinman and for other hilts in the Royal Armouries by him, see entry for IX.855, under Notes.