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Knife and scabbard

Knife and scabbard



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Acquired October 1973, by exchange with A.N. Miller.

Physical Description

The hilt consists of an ivory figure of a huntsman leaning against a tree and carrying a long gun slung over his left shoulder, and plain steel quillons, vertically recurved.

The short, stout watered blade is straight, with a rounded back and false edge producing a apear point with medial ridge.

The two sides of the blade that are between the hilt and the false edge are decorated with a hunting scene and a sword and horn, on a gilt background. The chamfered part of the blade contains the inscription, which runs over both sides: 'DAS GOTT DIR UND MIR GEBE ALLE GUTE WEIL / JO HO MEIN LIEBER WEILMANN MIT WEILMANSMEIL!'.

The scabbard is of wood covered with fishskin, mounted with a steel locket and formerly with a matching chape, now gone.

Condition: The top of the tree and the brim of the huntsman's hat at the front have been broken off. Grip associated.


Dimensions: Knife: Overall length: 210 mm (8.25 in), Blade length: 102 mm (4 in), Scabbard: Overall length: 110 mm (4.4 in), Weight: Knife: 5 oz, Scabbard: 1 oz

Component parts

Inscriptions and Marks

(Inscription - see Description)


Places Germany


Summary sketch by PJL on file (copy in IBE).