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about 1930

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Presented along with items XXII.308, XXII.309 and XXII.310. Formerly Deposit No. B.0223 4.

Physical Description

Blade: short, slightly swelled with single edge, a rounded back edge, and fitted with a leather buff piece.

Hilt: nickel plated, having beaked pommel, cross guard with a single quillon turned towards the hand and two wooden scales secured by two aluminium rivets.

Scabbard: of black painted steel, having a cloth covered retaining spring rivetted on the inside at the front and on the outside at the rear, a narrow black leather belt suspension loop is rivetted. The loop, at its upper end, is fitted with a retaining strap carrying a press stud fitting.

General condition: the condition of the retaining spring covering would indicate very little use and suggests that the black paint of the scabbard is original.


BladeLength5.5 in
BladeLength140 mm
KnifeLength9.625 in
KnifeLength245 mm
ScabbardLength9.875 in
ScabbardLength250 mm

Inscriptions and Marks

One side of the blade stamped 'GEBR. GRAFRATH/SOLINGEN' with the trade mark of an upper case W with extended serifs. The shoulder is stamped with a date marking(?) '7/30' the 'RZM' mark, indicating acceptance into official Nazi government service, an upper case 'M' and a number lightly stamped and which could be '1939'. Otherside of blade etched "Blut und Ehre!". Popularised by the Nazi Party as the motto of the Hilter Youth movement. It translates as "Blood and Honour!".


Places Germany