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Sword and scabbard (gunto)

Sword and scabbard (gunto)



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Private donation

Physical Description

The blade is strictly a shinogi zukuri wakizashi, with slight tori zori and moderate fumbari. The hamon is gonome with nioi deki. There is a short section f yakidashi, no other features being visible. The tang is ubu and mumei.
The hilt is of standard army pattern with good quality mounts having gilded details. The fuchi has been stamped 6 overlaying a 3 stamp, the same stamping occurs on the wood underneath. There is one copper gilt seppa with an indented border. The tsuba is of brass, mokko shaped and cast with an all-over design of cherry blossoms and leaves. The scabbard is of wood, wrapped throughout its length in bandage, and fitted with a carrying ring of army pattern and a plain iron koiguchi. _


Dimensions: The length of the blade (nagasa) is 581 mm, the overall length of the sword being 973 mm. Weight: The weight of the blade is 0.55 kg, the mounts being 0.525 kg.

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped No 6 on fuchi and wood of hilt.


Places Japan


formerly Deposit No 0211