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Composite Bow

Composite Bow



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Found in Store 2, September 1998

Physical Description

This large bow has the sinew backing covered with diagonally applied strips of birch bark that have been lacquered a dull red. The horn on the belly is exposed and bordered by narrow applied strips of uncoloured horn. At the grip, the horn has stylised seal characters applied in bark. Both ears are covered in undyed polished rayskin, the nocks being lined with leather. One either side of the grip, is a wide band of green stained rayskin, the grip proper being wrapped with sinew, the normal cork covering being lost. There is a strip of white woven tape sewn around one end of the grip. The string-bridges, made of staghorn, are detached and one is missing.


Dimensions: The length of the bow measured around the curve is 1800 mm, the width of the limb is 38 mm and the length of th ear is 240 mm. Weight: The weight of the bow is 0.945 kg.

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Places China