Object Title

Hanger and scabbard

Hanger and scabbard



Object Number



Presented by South Yorkshire Police, Doncaster District, Waterdale, 6 May 1999 (ref: PC2644 D Roberts). Formerly Deposit Number A 0438.

Physical Description


Hilt: of brass in two pieces comprising the main body incorporating rear quillon, knuckle guard and grip, all integral. The rear quillon and the knuckle guard terminate in a cloven hoof. The portion of quillon and knuckle guard between the finials is simply decorated with an incised line border. The grip portion, which is of 'pistol grip' form, has a lower imitation ferrule with transverse ribs and two applied white celluloid scales grained to simulate ivory. The scales are retained by three hollow rivets passing through both sides and are fitted with caps in the form of acorns (one missing). A separate asymmetrical shell guard, fluted on the outer surface, is fitted and which has a short spur with flattened discoid finial lying adjacent to the root of the knuckle guard. Beneath the shell guard, on the shoulder of the blade, a green baize/felt buff piece is fitted.

Blade: single edged, spear point with forte. On both sides are etched hunting scenes with elaborate arabesques of scrolls and foliage. Also, unusually, on the outer face of the blade close to the forte, the design also inorporates the emblem of the German Rifle Association. The back of the blade is also etched with sinuous foliage.

scabbard : of black leather with brass locket and chape. These have slightly cusped edges and the chape also has two pairs of horizontal incised lines on the outer face, about 20 mm from the upper edge. The locket is fitted with a frog stud in the form of an acorn. The scabbard leather body has two impressed longitudinal border lines on both faces and is seamed centrally on the inner face.


Dimensions: Sword: overall length: 443 mm (17.5 in), blade length: 325 mm (12.75 in), Scabbard: 352 mm (13.875 in) Weight: Sword: 490 gm (17.2 oz), Scabbard: 145 gm (5 oz)

Inscriptions and Marks

On the blade forte, inner face, the maker's name 'EICKHORN, SOLINGEN' and trade mark of a squirrel and the word 'ORIGINAL'.


Places Germany


This hanger is slightly unusual for a Forrester's hanger in the incorporation of the German Rifle Association (Deutscher Schutzen-Verband) emblem on the blade. Transposition of blades between the two types seems unlikely on account of the differences in lengths of the two types. Also, imitation ivory grips were supposedly for Senior Foresters.
(see Atwood, James P., 'The Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany', Privately Published, Berlin, 1965, pps.133 - 138 and 147 - 151.)