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Flintlock muzzle-loading rifle - By Kasper Neireiter

Flintlock muzzle-loading rifle - By Kasper Neireiter



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Purchased at auction from Christies, London. Lot 118, 16th May 1960. From the collection of Count Thun, Schloss Tetschen, Czechoslovakia

Physical Description

Octagonal barrel with blued finish, rifled with seven grooves, the backsight with two folding leaves.
Lock with lockplate of wheel-lock form engraved with a cherub playing a drum and inscribed with the name of the maker NEIREITER.
Stock with cheek-butt, the ramrod pipes, both ends of the butt-trap cover and the butt-plate made of horn. Indented steel trigger-guard; hair trigger. The butt is incised N.3. while the cover of the butt-trap bears two paper labels, one inscribed in ink with the number 75, the other printed 'Schloss Tetschen' with 75 in ink below


BarrelLength32.8 inhes
BarrelLength833 mm
OverallLength1113 mm


Serial Number None


0.55 in