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Left rear body panel

Left rear body panel


17th century - 18th century

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Acquired in India by Lady Clive, wife of Edward, 2nd Lord Clive (Governor of Madras), between 1798 and 1800, and brought back to England in 1801; displayed in the 'Elephant Room' at Powis Castle. Placed on loan to the Tower Armouries in 1949 for conservation. Presented to the Armouries in lieu of death duty by the Earl of Powis, 1962.

Physical Description

The left rear armour panel is of mail and plate construction and lined with modern black fabric. The panel is composed of columns of smaller plates interspersed with large embossed iron plates with brass borders. The panel has ten of these larger embossed plates which depict six elephants and four pairs of fish. In total this rear panel contains some 871 plates

The body panels are attached by a series of leather straps passing over the elephant's back.



Left rear panelLength1700 mm
Left rear panelWeight23 kg
Left rear panelWidth1340 mm

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Suffixed for transportation and storage purposes on 17/06/2013.