Object Title





Object Number

II.359 R


Presented on 26 May 1982.

Physical Description

The shield is circular, dished outwards and drawn out to a point at the centre. The main edge has a file roped inward turn with a broad recessed border. The point has a slender pyramidal spike with a circular constriction and a roped band at the base. The inside is lined with crimson velvet and edged with a crimson silk fringe. The lining is riveted in place under brass rosette washers. The inside of the shield also has an enarme attached by two rivets and rosette washers at either end, and a grip for the hand attached by a single rivet, although there is a second unused rivet and rosette washer adjacent to this. Both of these are covered with the same crimson velvet, and these and the lining are replaced. The surface of the shield is decorated with etched bands of delicate floral scrolls divided into alternately gilt and blackened diagonal S-shaped bars enclosed by narrower bands of etched and gilt running foliage.


Dimensions: diameter 565 mm, depth 125 mm Weight: 5500 g

Inscriptions and Marks

Stamped with the fircone mark of the armourers guoild of Augsburg.



Record created as the armour was split for packing.